Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mike Bucki, the mixer and MORE MOOG

I got a note asking me whether the Moog Keyboard Mixer was made by Mike Bucki. When I E-mailed him an answer I figured I had what was worth posting in my blog.

The comments I made are below:

The mixer was not really a Bucki special. It was made in Moog's engineering department between 1980 and 1982 (he can't remember) out of parts from the Lab amps and who knows what.

They did go as far as to screen the graphics on there and it's a pretty well thought out 8 channel stereo mixer with 4 knob EQ section & spring reverb.

Regarding the "Mike Bucki" specials, I can speak highly of his revisions on the Moog sample & hold which has been re-numbered 1528. Also he has taken the CP3 mixer section and created a 4 channel mixer that fits a single full height Moog space.

Most of his work is exact to the specs but there are a few cases where he's done stuff like balanced the output of the 902 VCA so that the volume is equal in either control mode.

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