Friday, May 18, 2007

updates, etc. & so fourth

Just to keep my readers, whom I refer to as "the loyal 5" in the loop...
I updated the Gear Lust post or really I just expanded on it.

On the collectable gear front: those Ludwig Phase II's have gotten pricey. I mean yeah, they are cool in both looks and sound but one just went on The Ebay for close to 4 grand... I'd hate to say how little I paid for mine, which is nicer then all the ones I've seen for sale recently. I guess that's the collectors world for ya.

Meanwhile, I'm rethinking the Max/MSP project I was doing because my previous project was just more fun for me. Plus, if i really need a simple sampler I could use one of my Kaoss Pads or someone elses' Max patch.

The Max/MSP project I was working on a while back was a live effects processor that was especially good for turntables. I set up each parameter with tempo based suedo random number generators that would alter various aspects of the mix, effect and even toggle differnt combinations on and off. It was pretty fun and sounded good. I think I'm gonna go back to that.