Friday, August 31, 2007

So much porn

Trying to write about The Wiard is not easy without falling into dumb lines which sound more like porno then descriptions of a musical instrument.

I will have to state first that the excellent designs warrant the exclusivity of it's price tag, which isn't bad when you count out each modules function. I know people who won't buy boutique audio products because they'd rather spend money on vintage stuff that isn't as good either in sound or in construction.

Up and running I was able to get a wide range of moving sounds that creep along and change timing in ways that I haven't been able to pull off on other gear. The only short coming I could come up with was that two of the modules were much older and didn't include the in/out arrows that are on everything else.

After several mind boggling patches that were complex and sounded great I pulled the patch chords and experimented with the modules in more traditional ways. each one out performed in it's expected purpose's and excelled in unexpected ways.

The Wiard isn't for everyone, if you want an organ or a piano move along. This instrument is probably a great choice for people who want to carve out their own sound and are looking for something that can take them to space.