Friday, May 11, 2007

Max/MSP ASCII Sample player: post 2

It's pretty amazing that with about 45 minutes of dicking around over two days I was able to made a simple patch that bares a vague likeness to what I'm actually going for.

If I was doing this with a MIDI trigger in instead of ASCII, I'd be done and working on bells and whistles. ASCII is probably perfectly easy but I haven't had the slightest experience using the computer keyboard as a controller with Max.. That's kind of going to slow things down.

There are a few objects for ASCII conversion, "key" & "key up" are two that may work. Right now I'm leaning on the former. I may look around and see if someone else has already mapped out the keyboard into pitches so I don't have to.

Having added pitch control and variable echo on one channel is helping the patch actually sound like it's doing something fun already.

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