Saturday, May 12, 2007

EML 101

Every good instrument has it's own personality. The EML 101 has definitely got a special thing to it. Mine was in the Caribbean at one point and later a closet in the US. it's not a perfect example and "needs some work" like the range knob on OSC 2 but as it is I'm tempted to leave most of it the was it is.

I remember reading about how Brian Eno would mark his VCS3 to make sure certain things were not repaired because the flaws appealed to him.

The EML is not a pretty looking instrument, nor does it have as much hipster cashe as other semi modulars like the ARP 2600 but what is does have is an extra oscillator and enough routing choices to make patching less immediately important in searching for interesting sounds.

Here's a little clip of it making some noises


  1. p.s. at least one of the "flaws" Brian Eno found was actually a feature not included on earlier units (high level sound trigger the envelope). So I guess it's important too to know what's a bug and what's a feature. Knowing the 100 and 101 there definitely is a degree of "is is supposed to do that", but there is also clearly something in old and not in spec electronics that has to contribute to character.

  2. sounds nice! make me wanna get my glo-sticks out!!!