Monday, April 23, 2007


The following is a list of some of the new gear I've been dreaming of this year.

Enjoy my perversions (in no particular order):

I have always enjoyed Theremin, long before the obnoxious trend made them into a misunderstood novelty and a bad noise joke The Eowave Persephone has the ability to slide from one note to another but is configured more like a ribbon controller. It's an elegant thing really.

I've been a fan of the whole MoogerFooger line and have bought most of them. The Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox looks like a winner to me, whether it's another EH Microsynth type of thing or something new I'll bet I love it.

The thing about AudioCubes is that they look fun. Now don't get me wrong, I can't foresee someone doing a riveting and rocking live performance with them BUT in the studio or if one is just feeling arty...

okay, anyone who likes Speak & Spells is going to dig the Flame MIDI Talking Synth

We all know that touch screens are whats happening. Here are a few products that make music fun and touchable. Mononome Korg Kaoss Pad KP3, Electroplankton

For the modular lover who doesn't want his or her waveforms stock: Wiard synthesizers

Ciat-Lonbarde electronics makes electronic instruments that look like art and sound like lizards gnawing at your temples.

Continuum is the coolist controller for the Microtonal set

You can filter out or duck quak to death anything with Ebbe und Flut

A special mention needs to go to Bleep Labs who's product not only cute and fun but also works nicely with modulars. For an idea of it's size, see it pictured below with an Oberheim SEM and Steiner Microcon.

A lot of gear comes out each year and only small amount of it finds it's way into my fantasies, even less will make the final cut in terms of what I think is worth plunking down hard earned cash on. Aside from having to be 1. good 2. something that inspires creativity and 3. special

Plus I do have an ongoing habit with Doepfer who keep putting out interesting and affordable modules for their A-100 modular Synthesizer.

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  1. How do you like the Steiner then?
    What would you compare the filter to, character-wise?