Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my fuzzy and distorted history in overdrive

Most people who play guiar go through a fair amount of distortion, fuzz and overdrive pedals before they find one that works for them at least in the majority of siuations.

My first pedal was an MXR Distortion+, the guitar player I played with at the time had a Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi which was the only other logical choice at the time. Later I briefly used a Boss Super Feedbacker Distortion which would have been great if I liked that squealing Strat sound, which I don't and infact have most of my life chosen semi hollowbodys.

After switching to a Rat 2 and being much happier I still managed a fling with a Tech 21 XXL, which I know is totally unhip but I think it's an under rated pedal. Finally I stayed with the Rat for good.

Over the years I have built up a vast collection of fuzz boxes. Many classics, weirdos and so many that really are cool. I am amazed at the variation on what can be done with a few parts and am always on the look out for pedals, especially square wave 60's fuzzes with a small part count.

Although The Rat is what I reach for to play I do use other pedals on recordings, switching effects for different parts of songs can add flow to tracks. Some have such specific sound that may only work in certain passages and of course with specific guitar and amp combinations.

As a long time user of The Rat distortion pedal I was was very excited to find this page. Personally I use both a "Tone knob" Rat and a Rat 2.

Some of my favorites for recording include the Maestro Bass Brassmaster, MGI Fuzz (which I think is the same as a Clark) and the Fender Blender. I also often use the SansAmp on certain guitars.

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