Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moog Night

Yesterday I couldn't get it together to write anything because I got stuck on this Reynols kick and I was living very much in a blissful state of fandom so much so infact that when my friend Ben Taylor of Southside Guitars told me that he had found a pedal that I wanted I was laid back about getting my hands on it.

Today, a record hunting mission at the local library who were having their annual sale turned up a number of records by Avant heavy hitters like Stockhausen and Tudor.

Later I finally got down to music and spent most of the rest of the day playing with The Moog. Playing this thing just blows my fucking head off. I just kept coming up with patch after patch of stuff to improvise on. I think any more fun would have to be a sin.

Humorously, when I took a break I ended up bumping into this Electronic X-mas record pictured below at a bookstore. A perfect thing to play after making all that noise on my own Moog.


  1. good list of moog records here

  2. that christmas record is amazing. i have it as well.

  3. You might want to check this Reynols disc out-- good stuff!