Thursday, June 14, 2007

the reviews aren't clear

It's amazing that if one searches the interwebs for gear reviews and opinions one is likely to find some gay fan site extolling the virtues of some shitty company like Toa who make products that could very well be rugged (and even that I'm not betting on) but sound like cold hairy bum ass.

Why is it too fucking much to ask rational questions about lowend, semi pro and prosumer products made by Mackie and Soundcraft?

I look at specs and photos and it seems like they are designed for idiots. For example, why the fuck does it specify on the equipment it's self what each input is supposed to be used for yet doesn't make any remark in the specs as to whether there really is a difference or not?

From Soundcraft: "zero-latency monitoring"on an analog mixer I should fucking hope so. Do we have to question their target market when the only linked review on their site is in Polish?

Back to the Mackie...
This 2005 Sound on Sound review here does the product more justice then the user forums, or at least it's a more confident sell. I get nervous when I read shit like "you can even plug in your drum machine" -what the fuck does that mean? It can handle line level sound, oh good! maybe I can use it in a real application.

One thing that hasn't been made clear is which one I should buy. I lean towards the Mackie because I am under what may be a deluded sense of belief that it could be useful beyond my current state.


  1. I think they say stuff like that drum-machine bit just to drive a search engine there. If someone happens to type in "drum machine mixer", then they go to the Mackie site. As an example-- I used to go to this pizza place where they had a sundae on the menu that had something like 30 scoops of ice cream, and it was outrageously expensive. They may have only sold one of those ever, but they wouldn't have sold any if it hadn't been on the menu!

  2. Have you seen that Soundcraft in person? The huge plastic endcheecks are hideous and cheap-looking, IMO.