Friday, June 15, 2007

random, smart and automated music

In the early days of my Max (later Max/MSP) usage I was very interested in things like machine listening and software generated music. Somewhere along the line my experiments ended with minimal conclusions.

I was engrossed enough that I read through all the David Cope, Robert Rowe, Marvin Minsky, Phil Winsor and a number of others. I asked a lot of questions and was amazed at how generous these people were with their time, especially considering I was not an academic.

Now some folks at my old research spot IRCAM (of course) have come up with Omax. This looks like the software I wanted to full fill my dreams of mutant robot bands and creating the ultimate fake band.

I would say that this software looks good enough that I should probably just ignore it and just continue my fantasies.

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