Sunday, January 11, 2009

lets do the time warp again

I posted a bunch of photos of my last studio on flickr.

If mind numbingly depressing not to have what I would consider a workable space but I have had a fair amount of real luxury and luck. Much of my professional life as a musician I have either had a studio or at the very least access to free space in the apartment I grew up in.

At present I will not take any job that requires critical listening or significant volume because i simply don't have any means of accommodating these things in what I would consider to be a professional manner.

We won't get into a debate today about the dumbing down of the recording studio. Just accept the fact that as much as I encourage artists to be realistic with their budgets I am not a fan of just making a shitty product just because it's easy and believe me I have broken every rule spread eagled here so I know I'm not talking smack.

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  1. I love all of the ethnic instruments, great space.