Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can't stand myself

I was thinking about posting something heart felt about the crap one goes through on some days, trying to meet a deadline on a project while still staying within whatever bullshit artistic thing you currently conned your dumb ass in to believing this week.

Bottom line, I'll probably rant and not say a word about my lame internal turmoil as it would only make the two or three losers that read my blog realize that I am just another weepy arty duche bag without any merits and fading street cred.


So I've been trying to do a new single for a few days. The some total of the recordings seems to be three totally different things that don't fit together and aren't even that good. Needless to say I'm thinking E.P.

Trying to record in an unprofessional or rather a very much home studio manner without proper monitoring and shit is like having sex by yourself when you are "not in the mood" and doing it in an awkward location that you would only consider sexy based on the fact that you were with another person who wanted to "do it" there.
-That makes sense right?

I'm spoiled by having the experience of being paid to be mediocre in grander surroundings then my lovely home and I'm no longer inspired or young enough to be otherwise more effective.

Shall I quit and not bother to announce the single?
Should I announce it and then not bother to do it?

My guess I will use this as a means of driving myself into a state of deeper self loathing while continuing to plod on if only so I have the right to piss and moan. You know what? I've always hated artists. They are best dead or at least at a distance. Few of my friends are artists in the traditional sense and I can clearly see why.

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