Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ode to Ultimate Support

Over many years I have loved, hated and relied on Ultimate Support modular stands and "Thinker Toys". Because I have been so deeply invested in various custom stands, bags of tubing and boxes of connectors that I don't recall buyingt I somehow missed it when the company discontinued the line. Still a little bit of me died when I heard.

When my friend LH finally had decided enough was enough and the two things leaving his work space were Ultimate Support and milk crates I ended up with the former. In fact, truth be told he still occasionally finds more nests of parts and delivers them to me.

As I continuously try and find some sort of peace and balance in not having a real studio of my own I am always looking to find a way to streamline and improve work flow, one thing usually comes to mind Ultimate Support. Alas I now know that if I need a specific sized tube or an extra whatever I have to just wing it.

I have already bought a bunch of 3/16th hex keys so I have ample supply of those BUT I still haven't found a hardware store substitute for the tubing. Dear reader, hip me to that please.

In the mean time I will as LH to look behind the sofa, check under the family gazebo and look out in his storage for another supply of the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of liquidating my studio and my Thinker Toys are soon to be put up on ebay so I might be able to sell you some tubing. How much do you need? I have a couple HS26BP Studio Organizers as well as extra tubing, T-fittings, and support bars. Too bad they discontinued the line, I agree.


  2. I'm pretty fine for now. I would have contacted you directly but your account is not available to the general public.