Thursday, September 27, 2007

Max 5, AES and upward.

I'm going to the AES convention this year, under disguise of course. It's funny to go since I have in many ways stopped being on the same page as most manufacturers and it's been a headache since the late 90's to see what kind of crap the big boys roll out.

Don't get me wrong. I love to get schwag and talk gibberish to my fellow audio people but fuck if shit hasn't gone in the wrong direction for quite a while.

For what it's worth I couldn't have picked a better year to take a fist full of Advil and go. My dear friend Alan is going to be at the Tascam booth showing off his Gigasampler chops and of David Zicarelli's has just announced Max 5 which is an important release for Cycling74 and Max/MSP users.

I remember talking to David on the eve of the MSP release and getting personal computer advice because this release was the reason that I moved from a 68 machine to a PPC Mac. I would have dragged that change out for God knows how long otherwise if it hadn't been for Max/MSP

I suspect the release of Max 5 will probably be the reason that I need to finally buy a new computer. Hell, I already have the wii controller ready to go.

Maybe AES will not suck so bad. Maybe it will convince me that I really need a Tenori On.

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