Sunday, June 10, 2007

DVD-R part 2

I am now thinking that this is a bad batch of DVD-R's which has me really worried about any disks that still work. I guess I may have a ticking bomb on my hands.

I sent an E-mail to the manufacturer because it's total bullshit to have 100 or more disks go bad.

I still have no idea how the disk went bad and because of this whole ugly situation I am wondering what the point of DVD burning is if one can't count on it holding.

I need a OS X app that can inspect these disks. So far all I can do is watch my computer spit them out.


  1. Hi
    My sympathies.
    Have you tried the disk in a tv dvd player?
    Maybe it is your dvd player software that needs updating?
    Maybe try launching iDVD app then insert the disk?
    Maybe it was written to be read by PC not Mac?
    I use the Roxio Toast software, seems pretty good.


  2. I was using a pretty current version of Toast which has never failed me. I tested the disks on 4 computers (3 different OS') and 3 DVD players.

    I did indeed try launch iDVD first and I also tried launching Toast in disk copy mode, in both cases the disks still just popped back out. This was done on two computers.