Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's like dominos

Sometimes things just go bad one after another.
Usually it happens when you are tired and repairing something with stiff wiring.

I was on the road to fixing up my EML 101. I had sought out replacement knobs and actually found 10 that a nice guy was willing to sell me at a fair price. The main reason for the need for spare knobs was that the range knob for OSC 2 was no longer working and the actual knob was refusing to come off peacefully.

I opened up the unit, braced the range knob and successfully removed the old knob, replacing it with the new one. Mission accomplished. But wait, just what I feared, two wires had come loose.

Although getting them back in place would have probably been easy with a couple of alligator probes the power died. Having no idea as to what type of fuse is in the unit I tried to unscrew the board with the transformer. Sadly one red wire came loose and I decided to give up.

Between not knowing where that red wire goes or what type of fuse is in there I feel that just giving up is about the best thing I can do right now for this instrument.

The picture below shows the yellow and green wires that came loose. One went to the range, although I'm not sure which lug, the other went to tuning.

Should anyone know the fuse type, have a detailed photo of the board with the transformer or happen to be damn sure about these two loose wires please let me know. In the mean time I will be repeating the words "I suck" over and over again, while I debate sending it to a tech or finding another one and using this for parts..

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