Monday, April 23, 2007

the salesman

I have gotten a bunch of E-mails from a sales person with whom I have never done business with from a company I have done some business with but not in some time. I believe s/he has just started their job and has taken over someone elses territory and phone list.

Having had several of these E-mails and actual phone calls to the studio, I felt that I should respond with an E-mail to clarify. Perhaps I am being a dick, but on my property I am the biggest dick and that's my right as the guy who pays the bills.


Hi _____,

As I have been doing music professionally since 1978 and mainly use custom and boutique equipment you are probably barking at the wrong person.

Although I do have to rely on places like your place of employment for some things, it is this type of impersonal, yet assumtive salemanship that keeps me from wanting to even comminicate.

I understand that it is the nature of a sale job that dictates a need to be aggressive in order to succeed, however it is also this very approach that causes the unfair prosumption that all salemen are pushy.

My advice to you is to put me on your "don't contact" list and should you wish to at some point develop a good business relationship with me at some future time, please consider researching my specific needs and interests instead of typing my first name into a generic piece of text.

I wish you luck, and hope that you appreciate that I actually thought about responding to your E-mail directly as oppoosed to cutting and pasting.

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