Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just a bit of a hello

I have a great love of musical instruments and technology and I am the first to admit that I would buy a vintage fuzzbox for a crazy amount of money and on the same day buy new underwear at the pharmacy because it's cheap.

There are plenty of people who balance their relationships and time so they can spend their nights programming in Max or others who choose to live in a tiny apartment so they can to save up for something like a Buchla 200e

Musicians will do anything to to get their vision across and the devices that help make that happen fit into a special little part of our worlds.

I have always wanted to spend some time writing about musical instruments and technology. In the early 90's I create the Electro Harmonix fan site called "Stoned, Cloned but never dethroned". I also created a site called "The Max Resource Guide" which I ended up donating to Cycling 74 when i was no longer able to keep up with it and I built a site devoted to my interest in random music generators, machine learning & A.I. in music.

This time I'm going to keep it simple, loose and easy. It's the stuff that has to do with my work making music. Technical questions, problems solved, weird fantasies having to do with knobs.

I hope you will join me.